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She never completed her maiden voyage, but the Titanic's treasures are travelling the world.

Already seen by 22 million people in 72 cities in the United States and Europe, Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition features more than 280 treasures that lay deep in the North Atlantic Sea for 73 years inside one of the most luxurious liners ever constructed.

There is an imposing steel first class "D" deck door originally mounted to the hull through which passengers would hurry to reserve the best tables in the dining room. Chamber pots sit beside chandeliers, gold watches alongside wool socks. 

Visitors can enter the recreated spaces of the Grand Staircase, and accommodation from the first- and third-class cabins. There is also an iceberg for the intrepid to touch. 

US-based RMS Titanic (RMST) has made seven expeditions to the shipwreck site since 1987, amassing more than 5,500 pieces for restoration and preservation.



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