Titanic cabin key sold for $88,000 at auction in U.K

Titanic artefact

From Novosti

A key to a first class cabin on the legendary Titanic ocean liner, which sank nearly a century ago, was sold for 60,000 British pounds ($88,000) in Britain, the auction house Henry Aldridge & Son said.

Henry Aldridge & Son auctions items associated with the shipwreck twice a year in the Wiltshire County in the south-west of England. The latest auction, held on April 18, included about 130 lots with Titanic memorabilia.

Other items included a collection of belongings of Millvina Dean, the last living survivor from the Titanic disaster.

The 97-year-old woman, who was rescued from the sinking ship as a two-month-old baby, is trying to raise money to pay her fees at a nursing home in Southampton.

The ship, carrying 2,200 people, sank in 1912 in the Atlantic Ocean during its maiden voyage between the British port of Southampton and New York, after it struck an iceberg.

At least 1,496 people were killed in the world's greatest maritime tragedy, and some 306 bodies were recovered.

Titanic auction