Bonhams Titanic ticket reaches $56,250 in New York

From Paul Fraser Collectibles

The R.M.S Titanic: 100 Years of Fact & Fiction sale at Bonhams saw a ticket to the launch of the ill-fated vessel reach $56,250.

The auction on Sunday (April 15, 2012) was held to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the ship. It saw some of the most important and rare Titanic memorabilia go on sale, crowned by the launch ticket.

The ticket, which admits one to the launch of the ship at Belfast, allowed the holder to witness the ship roll into the sea before being towed to the fitting out berth. Noted for its rarity, the item is unused with the perforated admission stub still attached.

A First-Class menu from the ship brought $31,250. It shows the dinner listings from the first night of the voyage, which included Surrey Capon & Ox Tongue as a main course. A First-Class menu from the last night of the ship's journey sold for £76,000, reaching huge figures due to its date of April 14.

A Marconi message from the Titanic reading: "WE HAVE STRUCK AN ICEBERG", sold for $27,500 at the New York auction.

This chilling message was sent from the ship to R.M.S Olympic shortly after distress calls were sent out. The Olympic was 505 miles from the ship when the message was received.

Titanic auctions have reached fever pitch due to this month's 100 year anniversary.

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