Champagne sells for $156,000 after 170 years under water

Champagne submerged

From Fox News

Eleven bottles of some of the world's oldest champagne found on the bottom of the Baltic sold for more than $156,000, with a single bottle of 200-year-old Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin champagne going for for $18,600.

AFP reported that the organizers of the auction, which was held in Finland this week, got less than half what they had hoped.

"We are quite happy about the money raised although we expected a new world record," Rainer Juslin, an Aaland provincial government official, told AFP.

In 2010, divers exploring the wreck of a schooner sunk in the Baltic waters between Finland and Sweden discovered a total of 162 bottles of champagne.

The bottles were part of the booty from a shipwreck dating from between 1825 and 1830. Of these, 79 were drinkable.

The nearly 200 year old champagne auctioned off this week were in such perfect condition because they were lucky to land horizontally, under pressure, at a low temperature and in the dark.

In 2011 a bottle of Veuve Clicquot raised from the same shipwreck was auctioned for a record-setting $37,000.

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