Artefacts from wreck sold off

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The original lifebelt from the shipwreck of the Flying Enterprise and the captain's life jacket have been sold at auction.

The Second World War American Liberty ship was wrecked in late December, 1951, 42 miles off Falmouth.

It remained afloat, although listing heavily, until January 10, 1952.

It made headlines at the time when skipper Kurt Carlsen remained on board in a dramatic attempt to save the ship and tow it to safety.

It was 500 miles off Fastnet Rock when a 30ft wave cracked the hull and knocked out the engines.

A total of 40 crew and ten passengers jumped to safety and were picked up by SS Southland.

Ken Darcy, mate of the tugboat Turmoil, jumped to the deck to attach a tow line and both men remained with the vessel for the 15 days of towing until it sunk, less than 50 miles from the safety of Falmouth.

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