Divers identify sunken U.S. WWII plane

U/W archaeologists

By Cindy Chan - Epoch Times

Parks Canada underwater archaeologists have confirmed that a plane they discovered in the deep waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence is the wreckage of an American World War II aircraft accidentally downed in 1942.

The plane, a U.S. Army Air Force PBY-5A, was lost in rough weather 67 years ago near the village of Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan in Quebec.

Only four of the nine crew members managed to escape the sinking craft and were rescued by local villagers.

The dives, which focused on visual inspection from outside the airplane, found the fuselage in one piece and the plane in good condition.

There is a possibility that human remains may be recovered, and the findings have been shared with U.S. officials.

“We will continue working with the United States to determine the following steps to hopefully be able to repatriate the lost soldiers.

In the meantime, we will work closely with all the relevant authorities to ensure the site is protected,” said Jim Prentice, federal Environment Minister and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, in a news release.

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