737 cargo plane found off Oahu

Forward fuselage of the Transair Flight 810 Boeing 737-200 cargo jet which made an emergency water landing off the Hawaiian island of Oahu

From John Konrad - GCaptain

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators have found the Boeing 737-200 cargo plane that made an emergency water landing in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii early this month.

Sea Engineering provided ROV and Side Scan Sonar support for the survey of the debris of flight 810 approximately 2 miles offshore from the island of Oahu.

Sea Engineering used the 43-ft Workboat, ‘Huki Pono’ for Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) operations in combination with a Chinook ROV, outfitted with GoPros, a high-definition video recording system, ultra-short-base wavelength transponder, and Hypack Navigation and DGPS to monitor and record the ROV position on the seafloor.

Transair Flight 810 was found about 2 miles South Southeast of Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. The aft fuselage including both wings and tail along with both engines, and forward fuselage — were located at depths between 360 and 420 feet, the NTSB said in a statement.

The plane components were initially located with a Side Scan Sonar and then the ROV was deployed. The NTSB said the wreckage is too deep to deploy divers for recovery of the flight data and cockpit voice recorders. On Monday the investigative team is developing plans to recover the aircraft.

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