Divers discover planes on ocean floor off St. Augstine's coast

Plane discovered

By Jessica Clark - First Coast News

Joe Kistel, a diver on the First Coast, has stumbled onto a mystery. Kistel is the executive director of TISIRI, and his crews dive and map artificial reefs.

A couple weeks ago, about 20 miles off the coast of St. Augustine, they found some metal objects in a sandy area of the ocean floor.

One metal object led to another. The last one confirmed what they were thinking.

"We knew exactly what it was. We could see a bent propeller and an engine," Kistel recalled.

Low on oxygen in their tanks, he and his crew snapped some pictures and went back to the boat.

Since then, Kistel and his team have researched the name of the engine and the planes which have them. He prepared another dive for this past weekend, aiming to find a serial number.

"It will probably let us identify that plane," Kistel explained. 

This weekend brought them another underwater surprise.

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St Augustine plane

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