Scuba Diving the Eagle Wreck, Islamorada, Florida Keys

We dove with our favorite dive shop, , in Islamorada, Florida on February 25, 2009, on the Eagle, a freighter that was sunk intentionally in December of 1985. This was my wife's first deep dive. She is with a terrific instructor named Trish. I am following a fantastic divemaster named Les. The Eagle is nearly 300 feet long. The rope to the surface is tied off on a railing on the port side at a depth of about 75 feet, and the starboard side of the ship is on the bottom at about 110 feet. We start near the stern and work our way over the cracked-open part toward the middle, then head back. My wife and Trish saw the giant grouper that lives in the wreck, the rest of us did not. We did see lots of other fish, big and small.