Underwater Pirate Treasure Proposal

While scuba diving in Pirate\'s Cove, located off the coast of Costa Rica, my fiancé Katie discovered a treasure chest 30 feet down. Upon opening this treasure chest, Katie found a laminated booklet, which highlighted some of our fun times together, and led to a question on the last page that read, \"Will you marry me?\" After a pleasantly surprised look, Katie gave a big thumbs-up and accepted, and presented with white gold alloy and diamonds, which she eventually used to create a custom ring.\r\n\r\nSince our best memories together were spent on a beach, Katie\'s engagement ring encompasses this theme with a custom palm tree design. Both sides of the shank look like palm tree trunks with diamonds, leading to the head and prongs that look like palm fronds, which encompass a princess cut diamond on top of the ring. The idea is that just as the two separate palm tree trunks join together, we also hope to also become one together.\r\n\r\nIf I would have told you that I would have proposed to Katie without a ring, without getting down on one knee, and without giving her a big kiss, you would have probably never believed that such a proposal could be possible...but maybe creatively overcoming these challenges is what it takes to be the ultimate engagement proposal story.\r\n\r\n(Check out the video...Katie and I even recorded the background song together.)