Placing the Henrietta Marie Monument, 1993

The Henrietta Marie is an English slave ship wrecked at New Ground Reef, some 35 miles west of Key West, Florida. The ship was lost in unknown circumstances in the summer of 1700. The wreck was discovered by Key West treasure-hunter Mel Fishers Treasure Salvors, Inc. in 1972. It later became the subject of much archaeological research. A large-scale museum exhibition about the Henrietta Marie was organized in 1995 by the Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society. The exhibit has since traveled to museums across the United States and the Caribbean.
On May 15, 1993, after considerable planning, the National Association of Black Scuba Divers carried to the wreck site of the Henrietta Marie a one-ton concrete monument they had constructed. The monument was dedicated to the Africans forced to sail aboard the Henrietta Marie and all other slave ships like it. This video is a document of the day the memorial was dedicated and placed on the sea floor.
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