Pirates and Lost Treasure of the Caribbean

From the beginning of Spanish conquest in the New World, billions of dollars of silver, gold, emeralds and pearls were loaded in ships for the voyage to Spain. Hundreds of these ships were taken by pirates, and almost as many foundered on shoals or were sunk by storms.
Just as long as there have been ships carrying bounty and pirates raiding them, so too have their been shipwrecks and sunken treasure.
The Anegada Passage, a principal route between the Virgin Islands and the Leeward Islands into the Atlantic, is a treacherous channel lined with hidden reefs which has snared many a vessel over the years.
Today, people are still finding these shipwrecks, sometimes discovering treasure in the depths. For more than forty years, Bert Kilbride, based on Saba Rock off Virgin Gorda, has been diving in these waters. He has been designated Her Majesty's Official Receiver of Wrecks, and he knows, perhaps better than anyone, what lies beneath the surface.
Kilbride interview, showing artifacts, talking about dive sites, suspected sites, etc. end with...
The Kilbrides run a dive operation that will take visitors to explore any number of shipwrecks in the area, to see for themselves what lies in the deep."