My Metal Detector Finds from Exmouth & Exeter (year 1)

See my collection of metal detector finds, all found in the Exmouth and Exeter area of Devon. The detector used was a Minleab Explorer SE.

I recorded this video (on the spur of the moment, in one take, with no practise and no script) to give me a way to show my collection to the passers-by on Exmouth Beach who often ask what I'm looking for.

If you enjoyed this one, please browse at my other videos to see my even more impressive year 2 finds and the recording of a beach detecting session during which I find a stunning diamond ring (not featured on this video).

I am always on the look out for new land to search, so please contact me if you are an interested local landowner. You will probably be very surprised at what turns up. All finds are shared 50/50 with land-owners.

Thanks for watching!