Navy Seal Workout part1

(I do not own the rights to this video in anyway. if you know who the owner is please contact me so i can properly credit them) ive been looking for a good navy seal workout program for a while now and this is what i managed to dig up. i hope u guys find it as useful as i did.

(outline of the workout by:MATZAMAN76)

Navy SEAL callisthenic workout program

Overview: This workout is broken down into 5 categories.
1)Warm-up and stretch
2)Pull exercises
3)Push exercises

Note: Between sets of all exercises, shake out the muscles groups being worked. This increases circulation and reduces lactic acid build up in the muscles. Use slow and controlled motion on all exercises to avoid injury. Form is key.

Warm-up and Stretch

1)Jumping jacks: 25-4 count (do not slap your sides)
2)Half jumping jacks: 25-4 count.
3)Windmills (first rep slow stretch), 10-4 count
4)Windmills (2 count) 15-2 count
5)Trunk side stretch 10-3 count

Pull Exercises

Note: 30 second rest between sets.
1)Close grip pull ups: 3
2)Wide grip pull ups : 3
3)Close grip chin up (same as close grip, just reverse grip): 3
4)Behind the neck pull up: 3
5)Regular grip pull ups: 3
6)Close grip pull ups: 3

Push Exercises

Note: 1 minute rest in between sets. Use slow controlled form.
1)Dips: 12
2)Dips: 12
3)Dips: 18
4)Regular Push ups: 10
5)Regular Push ups: 10
6)Tricep Push ups: 7
7)Tricep Push ups: 10
8)Regular Push ups: 10
9)Wide grip push ups: 10
10) Regular push ups: 10
11) Triceps Push ups: 10
12) Dive Bombers: 7


1)Regular sit ups: 50
2)Cross arm sit ups (arms across chest): 50
3)Flutter Kicks: 30-4 count
4)Half sit ups(hands on waist): 15
5)Cruncher sit ups: 25
6)Lizard stretch: 2 @ 15 seconds each
7)Atomic sit ups: 40
8)Good morning darlings: 40
9)Neck rotations (right): 50
10) Neck rotations (left): 50
11) Neck lifts: 100


1) Lunges: 20-3 count
2) Squats: 50-4 count
3) Charlie Chaplins: 30
4) Charlie Chaplins (pigeon towed): 30
5) Charlie Chaplins: 30
6) Squats: 50

Notes: This routine should be done twice a week in conjunction with a running and swimming program.

luck to ya!