Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute

The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute has been established to shed light on this unknown entity. Focusing on specialized fields ranging from marine biology to the technology of underwater exploration to deep-ocean ecology, the institute encourages a more in-depth understanding of the worlds largest natural resource while offering fascinating glimpses into the secret chambers of the sea.

One of the highlights of the diverse collection of exhibits is the Shark Cage, a tank where there is a reenactment of a great white shark attack. (Dont panic! Youll leave unscathed.) If you want to truly feel like you are in the midst of an ocean adventure, the Underwater Bermuda exhibit has an interactive presentation where, if youre daring enough, you can suit up in scuba gear and vicariously experience an actual Bermuda dive, complete with a virtual re-creation of the extreme pressures of the ocean. If youre not in the mood for a deep blue escapade, enjoy Bermuda Revealed, the ideal exhibit for an insightful primer on the diverse plant and animal kingdom and its continued necessity for global survival.

The Shell Collection and Teddy Tucker Ship Wreck Gallery are also compelling studies of Bermudas vast wealth of ocean mollusks and centuries-old artifacts. Everything from rusted-out cannons to the fine china used for passengers four-course dinners are on display, all resurrected from many of the 500 shipwrecks offshore.

For those who have a thirst for knowledge, a monthly events schedule featuring lecture series from such speakers as the producer of the renowned BBC Natural History Unit sheds further light on the beauty, power and untapped potential of our last great frontier.