HMS Victory and Mary Rose

From our trip to England, France and Belgium in April 2008. The following is the text from the scrolling titles in the video:

HMS Victory
At 105 guns, this first rate line of battle ship was the flagship of Admiral Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

The epitome of the square rigged man o' war, the Victory led the British fleet at Trafalgar and put an end to Napoleon's plans to invade England.

At the height of the battle, Nelson was shot by a French sniper. He later died on Victory's orlop deck, secure in the knowledge that the British fleet had triumphed and that England was secure from invasion.

Mary Rose
The flagship of King Henry VIII's fleet, Mary Rose capsized in 1545 just outside of Portsmouth in an area known as the Solent during a battle with the French. In 1982 the hull was raised and towed into Portsmouth.

Her port side is largely gone, but her starboard side, preserved in the sand for centuries, is mostly intact.