General Slocum: No Longer Forgotten

On June 15 1904: The Excerson Steamer General Slocum set sail with 1,300 Men, Women and Children for a sunday school picnic. She never made it to her destination. Half way through her voyage the Slocum burst into flames, and because of faulty firehoses, inexcessable lifeboats, and lifejackets that had rotted, or were filled with iron to meet weight requirements, and the actions of an inexperanced and cowardly crew 1,021, almost 90-98% of whom were women, children and infants, died.
The Second sequel to my USS Indianapolis Video

I feel this song has disaster tribute written all over it, and of all the sea disasters I've set to this song, this one is the most heart wrenching and also the most inexcusable, because it wasn't a warship, or a liner carrying controban, it was a passeger fairy taking children and their families to play in the sunshine, and have a picnic on the river bank. Greed, inexperance, and stupidity allowed something to happen that should never have happened.

Dedicated to the Memory of the Victims of June 15th 1904.

Music: Sleeping Sun
Artist: Nightwish
Subject: The General Slocum