"MY SOUTH POLAR EXPEDITION" Ernest Shackleton Recorded On 1909 Edison Phonograph Cylinder

This is one of the more prized Edison Amberol cylinders in my collection. The great explorer Ernest Shackleton on March 30, 1909 recorded his only cylinder recording entitled "My South Polar Expedition". I searched for years before finding an example of this historically important recording. Examples of the recording have reached in excess of six thousand dollars at auction and of the relative few that were pressed only a fraction of that have survived in good playing condition. Sadly, many of the Edison Amberol wax cylinders are reaching their life expectancy and many today are found cracked or otherwise unplayable. Being a history buff I have the absolute highest respect for Ernest Shackleton as he lead his men on the most perilous of expeditions to reach the South Pole. There's not enough room here to write of my appreciation for the man and his incredible compassion for his men. NOTE OF INTEREST: At the conclusion of the recording there is a pause and then you hear Shackleton saying "All Right?" to the recording engineer. The phonograph is one of my Edison Fireside Phonographs with an oak cygnet horn. I hope you enjoy this rare recording and thanks for stopping in.