Sharks, Mantas on Rebreather in Kuramathi Maldives

This video was made in 2002 in three dives. The dive place was Rasdhoo channel. Dept 35 meters, the hammerhead shark was on 50 meters. I was solo diving with the Buddy Inspiriation Rebreather.In the video, You hear the breathing noise in the Rebreather. The camera was a second hand Sony camera , about 150 USD.

From 1992 till 2008 (except 1994/1995)I was working as a Divinginstr./Divemaster in the Maldives. There was a steadily Decline in the shark population during these years. In 2008,they were still killing shark for finning. On every shop on the local islands you could buy shark jaws. I have heard from dive colleagues, who are still working there that the government banned shark finning now and slowly the population is increasing.

Hopefully they protect their no-fishing areas like Fish Head, Maaya Tila etc. And that the wonderful and beautiful shark population have the chance to recover.