Starting files for a serious salvor..! The Grouper

Shipwreck of the Grouper (19th century)

The brick Grouper with a full general cargo and treasure in specie & ingots have been lost at the Island of Barbuda.

The ship is totally lost, but the crew is saved as well as some gold and silver specie. Unfortunately, more considerable values are lost with the ship.

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1. treasures (link) 01/09/2012

Has anybody found this wreck yet ? If not, files are still available...

2. treasures (link) 30/06/2012

A wreck still to be found...!! Have a complete file on her...

3. Troy Deppermann (link) 26/04/2010

I am interested in any additional infomation that you may have. Especially inbound direction or where was she coming from.

4. 26/04/2009

Lawrence do you have any info on this wreck or any others around Barbuda ?

5. J.M. Lawrence 18/04/2009

What kind of ship was she? When did she sink? Any info is very much wanted!!

6. 27/03/2009

I am interested in more info about this wreck

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