Starting files for a serious salvor..! The Golden


The Golden is wrecked and lost  (19th century)


On a voyage from London to New York, the Packet ship Golden was totally lost, wrecked close to the beach 30 miles from Sandy Hook.

She had on board a large and valuable cargo, including 50.000 gold sovereigns. Nothing was salvaged at the time.

Today, the possible value of this sovereigns could be up to £ 10.000.000


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1. treasures (link) 30/06/2012

This is still a wreck to find, but with proper equipment... Not during a holiday trip...

2. rframe 14/05/2010

can you send me more info on this ship voyage and now wreck im holidaying that way and would be intrested in a dive that way

3. Mike Skinner 02/11/2009

Do you have any further information on the packet ship Golden?



ps A remarkable site!! :)

4. Cesar 04/04/2009

Can you please provide me some more information about this ship wreck. I travel to sandy hook a lot during summer so maybe I can find a way to go diving around that place.

5. 27/03/2009

Do you have any other information that you can share about this wreck??

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