Starting files for a serious salvor..! The Americano

Foundering of the Americano (19th century)

The Chilean ship Americano, Captain Rodrigues, foundered 30 milles off land, on a voyage from Pernambuco to Bahia with a large amount of specie on board. Everything was lost as well as 7 men of the crew & passengers. Nothing has been heared since then...



  • EddyMoney
    • 1. EddyMoney On 29/09/2015
    ARMANDO I don't currently own or ever used a metal detector.
    I am more of a Metal Protector guy and would be happy to offer you and
    Your crew my services of holding and hiding all boot y that is found from pirates on the high seas. Hit me up.
  • ronnie astudillo
    • 2. ronnie astudillo On 02/11/2010
    hi! i know about metal detectors cause there are lots of them used here in the Philippines to search for buried treasure of the the Japanese known as Yamashita treasure but if not all most of the detectors did not gave any good results. when at any time the Japanese wish to locate their hidden treasure they use the maps and a dowsing rod and not any of the metal detectors sold in any country.

    i am positive enough that battery operated detectors can not and will not react to non ferrous metals or non metal such as gold and silver, it is only dowsing gadgets which can locate such items.

    If you really want to locate the treasure try to visit my web. and contact me okey?
  • kim w.
    • 3. kim w. On 09/09/2010
    Hi have always wanted to explore and find buried treasure, sunken ships, explore the unknown. i would love to be your research partner on your excursion. please email back.
  • Dan G.
    • 4. Dan G. On 04/01/2010
    To Armondo....I would be willing to be a shipmate with you in search of the Americano....I am a quick study and am strong and able...I have expierience on the me if you are interested...( )
  • armando
    • 5. armando On 01/11/2009
    Im a semi Pro detectorist with a Garrett GTI 2500 and a JW Fisher P8X, Im looking for a buddy to research certain areas seriously in the Flo State.
    Im in my way to purchase a small boat to get to some far away areas.

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