Starting files for a serious salvor..! Lost gold bars

Gold bars lost from a plane

Gold bars weighing 23 kgs in all were lost in an aeroplane accident at sea, near Boulogne-sur-Mer. The aeroplane was going from Croydon to Paris and fell into the sea with the loss of 2 gold bars.

Did the fishing trawlers find the missing ingots ?


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1. Bloeme 13/12/2010

We are a small salvage company
We have a powerfull vessel 'Bela'
Now our workingdepth is 110 meter.
If you have serious propositions ,let us know.
When you return this mail ,I will send you pics of the vessel.
Regards Henk de Bloeme

2. Glademir Coelho 18/04/2010

Consigo localizar metais nao ferrosos, principalmente ouro, prata e cobre a  grandes distancias usando pandulo,boussola,gps e carta nautica. Posso ajudar equipe localizar tesouros no mar.

3. Maharajan 28/02/2009

There is a war Aircraft Vessel sunk 100Kms from Chennai about 100yrs and the Magnetic survey has been taken and confirmed. Total Wt 1,38000 tons Minmum 55000 mts tons can be retrieved .That is what the survey report says .Apart from this other metals are also there including a big treasures. If anyone is interested and come down to Chennai ,India.I can arrange fro the inspection adn survey the place and give assistance to get Govt.Permissions and licenses.



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