Starting files for a serious salvor..! A large ship

A very large ship (18th century)

Yesterday arrived news that a very large ship from Santo Domingo to Bordeaux was lost on the coast of Brittany with 400 casks of sugar, 200 bales of cotton, 130 bags of coffee, 130 pipes of indigo, beside a large quantity of gold and silver.




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    You must live your dream and put every effort to do so... Otherwise, your life will be miserable...
  • Phyilicia
    • 2. Phyilicia On 22/07/2011
    I too feel this way about shipwrecks. I am currently looking for a partner to accompany me on my journeys. I have just purchased a new boat as well as top duty equipment and a crane. I think of myself as the next Christopher Columbus though I have not found anything yet. Anything is possible if you just believe and I will one day be a successful treasure hunter and I live my life only for that day.
  • Tyler
    • 3. Tyler On 17/05/2011
    I'm 16 yr old and I hate the way we are these days if I had one chance to feel like I was living back then I would risk it all even to my dying breath. Treasure hunting is the only thing that's worth living for fuck school fuck minimum wage jobs i want to explore live my life not waste my favorite yeArs on bullshit I can perfectly learn the backgrounds like uncharted I like finding treasure on or off land but not a bitch find like el derado
  • Michael Parrish
    • 4. Michael Parrish On 12/03/2011
    Sarah, I to wanted a better life throughout all the years of construction jobs. I always dreamed of being able to save up enough to do what I love (treasure hunting) or better, do it for a living. I got my chance when I realized I had found treasure in 1969 when I was 8 yrs. old. I realized it only about 10 years ago. The last ten years has been spent doing research on it, and creating the non-profit organization in order to be able to recover it and keep it to utilize it to help the many people it could.

    We will be ready to move on this VERY soon. If you would like to be involved, contact me at:
    We will need to chat a bit before I make a decision.
    Would you be interested in maybe being the photographer to document the recovery?
  • mike
    • 5. mike On 13/12/2010
    send me some info on this wreck
  • Thomas
    • 6. Thomas On 13/08/2010
    Where can I get more information about this ship you talk about?
  • Tom
    • 7. Tom On 03/12/2009
    I have been into this for a long time. There was a time I fell for the cultural heritage promo, until I found out how deceitful the academic world really was.When the archeologists can give a good answer as to all the artifacts they have stored in garages, warehousese, basements of bldgs, when they can give a good accounting of why they hord so much stuff and criminalize people like me for spending my own money, and risk my life, for what I do, then maybe, just maybe, I will be willing to cooperate with them. They are the modern day pirates, protected by crooked , and rich, politicians creating unconstitutional laws. Example: The climate changing scientists, in the cloke of their proffession. lied to us , and got caught. The archeological establishment is just onother example.. Their as crooked as the othere. ... Think about it people.....Rise up, force issues, make them account for themselves.....Thanks....Capt. Tom
  • rohan
    • 8. rohan On 01/11/2009
    Finding treasure is my wish.i would love to find all the treasureleft.please send me updates likethe ships name where it is etc. Rohan.k.r Bangalore
  • Matt
    • 9. Matt On 23/06/2009
  • Sarah
    • 10. Sarah On 13/06/2009
    Finding things that have been missing is something I'm extremly passionate about. Finding shipwrecks or even finding something on land. It's something that I wont stop fighting for and I refuse to die without the expierence. I know this type of job takes a lot of money or you just have to know someone who's willing to let you work your ass off to help them. I don't care what I have to do as long as I do it. I have to have an amazing life and this is what I want to do, I refuse to work at a desk forever. If your someone who needs a person who will work hard to help that's going to be me. If you don't need help, then please tell me who i need to talk to or what i need to do to start this kind of career. Pleas help!!
    Email me and let me know!!

    Best wishes and good findings,
  • drewxo
    • 11. drewxo On 04/04/2009
    the ships name is the marie therese
  • Justin
    • 12. Justin On 20/02/2009
    I would like to know more about this ship. please. just email me.
  • Dick Hamilton
    • 13. Dick Hamilton On 12/02/2009
    Howdy, just lookin for a treasure to find.
  • Bluebeard
    • 14. Bluebeard On 10/10/2008
    Ok I have to have a name for this one!!! Out with it then! Dont be shy tell me!!

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