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- 1968 Shipwreck News -

* A seventeenth-century ship, believed to have been used by English pirates, has been found by fishermen at the bottom of the Atlantic, near Corn Island, 30 miles off the coast of Nicaragua. A team of divers, hoping to find hidden treasure, has so far brought up two cannons.

* Southampton salvor Risdon Beazley Ltd. have bought for £ 21.050 the sunken cargo Warrior of 7.551 tons, lying in 265 feet of water, 14 miles off the north coast of Trinidad, and believe to contain a valuable cargo. She was lost by enemy action in 1942 and her cargo was listed as 10.060 tons general war stores. Risdon Beazley bought the vessel under an invitation for bids by the United States Maritime Administration, on an “as is, where is” basis. 200 tons of brass has already been salvaged and brought to shore.

 * The SS Eligamite, 2585 tons, belonging to Huddart Parker & C° Pty went down off the Three Kings Group on 9 Nov. 1902 with 45 lives. She had a general cargo as well as gold and silver coins valued at AU$ 34,640. A quantity worth AU$ 8,000 was salvaged in 1907. The salvage rights have been purchased from Indemnity Mutual insurance, by two skin divers who have already brought up gold and silver from the wreck.