Indonesian Magazine for the wealthiest people - issue 10 / volume 3 - 2009

Millionaire Asia - Indonesia
Issue 10 - 2009


Recounting a life-changing discovery in the face of modernity, Pascal Kainic grants MillionaireAsia the first person-point-of-view reminiscence on salvaging sunken Abbatucci Ship in which Pope’s lost golden treasure had slept undisturbed for ages.

Meeting Pascal Kainic, a French born archive researcher and wreck hunter who found the lost Abbatucci Ship 40 nautical miles off the French Island of Corsica, unraveled all faded charms the blue ocean sea once boasted through stories of pirates and legendary journeys such as Sinbad. But would it not tingle your ear when you hear the words “gold coins”, “precious pocket watches”, and “abundance of pearl and golden necklaces” uttered before you, as was not only mentioned but shown by Pascal.

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