The Silver Liberty Ship from America

One of the deepest treasure wreck ever found...

by Arthur Clark

Minted in Philadelphia at Saudi Arabia's request, a cargo of three million silver Saudi one-riyal coins was shipped to the oil port of Dhahran, in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province, late in World War II.

But the Liberty ship that was transporting them, the S. S. John Barry, never arrived.

Torpedoed by a German U-boat in the Arabian Sea more than 185 kilometers (100 nautical miles) off Oman in August 1944, the John Barry sank in waters so deep that no one thought she could ever be reached...

...When the Barry went down, the riyal was worth 30 US cents. The ship's three-million-riyal cargo therefore had a face value of $900,000. T

he silver in each coin, about 10 grams (3/8 of an ounce), was worth 18 cents, so the coins' silver value was $540,000. Neither figure is anywhere near the $26 million that the Barry's captain and purser were quoted as saying the cargo was worth.

Hart's cables about the sinking, secret when they were sent, don't mention any uncoined silver, but with time the rumor of sunken bullion became accepted as colorful fact...

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  • Pascal
    • 1. Pascal On 13/07/2010
    At this time, War was raging between Germany and the US... The torpedoing of the John Barry was another act of War from the Germans and nothing to do with the Russian.

    As you can read in the 2 links below the text in the brown box, a British company, Blue Water Recoveries, retrieved 17 tons of coins in the late 90's...
  • Patrick
    • 2. Patrick On 13/07/2010
    So did Russia have something to do with the sinking?, was the ship ever found and by who?

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