Largest human loss in a ship during World War II

The Armenia



The Russian hospital ship Armenia

Only eight passengers of the sanitary boat survived the attack of Nazi aviation in 1941.

Ukrainian scientists have recently discovered new details connected with the sanitary boat Armenia, which sank in November of 1941 in the Black Sea and became the largest shipwreck during WWII.

A German torpedo-bomber plane attacked the "Armenia" on November 7th, 1941.

The ship sank in only four minutes, killing about 7,000 not 5,000 passengers as it was believed before.

The passengers were mainly wounded servicemen, Ukrainian archaeologist Sergei Voronov said.

“There were about 2,000 unregistered passengers on board the ship. Most likely, they boarded the boat at doctors' request,” the scientist said.

“Only eight people survived the shipwreck – a rescue boat, which escorted the Armenia, saved those people,” Voronov added.

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