Search and Recovery Mission 'I-52'

Operation Raising Sun

loss of the "I-52"

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In April of 1944, the Axis empire was surrounded. Faced with a tightening naval and air blockade, and in desperate need of war materials, the Nazis sought every means to exchange supplies and information with their Japanese partners.

The Japanese, in turn, were in need of technology and instruments, manufactured in Germany, for which they were willing to pay dearly. These commodities were traded through the only means left: with specially-built, huge cargo carrying submarines.

In this context, the Japanese I-52 began her maiden voyage, destined to end at the bottom of the Atlantic...



  • Patrick Maggi
    • 1. Patrick Maggi On 28/05/2023
    I , as well, was taken for 5k by Ben Smith who was incl cahoots with Paul Tidwell.
  • Doctor Frank L. Wiseburn
    • 2. Doctor Frank L. Wiseburn On 08/04/2010
    I am interested in becoming a investor in the I-52 project. Please let me know is this is still open? Also would appreciate getting all photos that relate to I-52 expedition. Thank you
    • 3. DANTE DANESI On 27/03/2010
  • Mustafa Emre Cinar
    • 4. Mustafa Emre Cinar On 09/03/2010
    Hello i am an high school student from Turkey.İ am researching about I-52 for the past 2 years.İ have a few questions:
    1-What are the secret documents telling about?
    2-On I-52 where they are storaged?
    3-Can anyone give the entire crew list of I-52 ?
    İ need every detail anyone can give me :D.Thanks
  • Mitsuku Haro
    • 5. Mitsuku Haro On 21/11/2009

    i know so much about the Japanese I-52 since it belonged to the friend of my great great grandfather. I'm not aware of his name but I know that he was a loyal man. He was also part of a shipwreck in Japan near the Shiyon Harbour. It's a very small suburb so it may not be known to many. My mother has told me lots about the shipwreck and how my great great grandfather just couldn't survive. This I-52 is very familiar and my family knows lots about it due to the fact that we were very close to the owner. We are trying to find pictures of this incident but yet we haven't found any, we will keep trying and when we do I am sure to post it here so that everyone can see what a tragic it was.

    Lots of love and sincerity,
  • William Esmonde
    • 6. William Esmonde On 10/10/2009
    My wife and I were an initial investor in the first Salvage attempt. I have been monitoring the progress since that trip and NGE coverage in 1999.
    Is the venture still in the works, or is my investment a wash. I have heard so many stories and I just wanted a clarification.
    Good luck on the next expedition. My wife's Father is William "Flash" Gordon. He is 88 now and doing ok for his age.


    William and Leigh Esmonde
    2405 Huntclub Rd
    Sumter, SC 29154
  • Gene Birdsong
    • 7. Gene Birdsong On 19/07/2009
    Paul Tidwell is again working on the I-52 submarine project. Soon we hope to return to the Japanese WWII submarine, the I-52 on a salvage operation. The project will be done in multiple stages. The first stage will be to use a small ROV to explore the interior of the submarine. A larger ROV will be used to gain access to the 2.2 metric tons of gold bars, and the top secret document pouches. We will also attempt to remove the entire conning tower to be brought to the surface for preservation. Later stages will include the raising of the entire submarine to the surface. After preservation, it will be returned to its home port in Kure, Japan to be displayed.

    Gene Birdsong
    Operation Rising Sun

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