Terrible loss of life and property in the "Camorta"

Foundering of the SS Camorta
and terrible loss of life

from various printed sources - P.Kainic

Rangoon - 28th October 1902

It has been ascertained that, as was feared, the British-India Company's steamer Camorta, 2,119 tons, foundered in the Bay of Bengal during a cyclone.

The vessel had a crew of 89, together with 650 native passengers...

The s.s. Camorta, of 2119 tons, was on the run between Rangoon and Coconada. She last left Calingapatam at 10 a.m. on the 2nd May, 1902, and has not been heard of since.

A cyclone occurred on the 5th May, and she is thought to have foundered in that cyclone.

A wreck has been discovered, with two masts standing 6 feet out of the water, corresponds with the position in which the Camorta would probably be about that time.

In addition to this, on the explosion of a mine by the officers of the R.I.M.S. Dalhousie, some casks of castor oil were floated.

The Camorta was carrying 64 of these as portion of her cargo.

She is lying 22 miles distant of Baragua flats, in 15 fathoms of water, in the Irrawaddy Delta.

Dans la tempête
Lost in a cyclone with terrible loss of life

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