Loss of a British steamer in Chile

Loss of the British steamer Laurel Branch

from various printed source - P. Kainic

Talcahuano, Chile - October 1903
The British cargo ship Laurel Branch, a two-masted vessel, of 2140 tons have been wrecked on a voyage from Guayaquil and Valparaiso, bound for Liverpool and intermediate ports, with a full cargo of general merchandize, including some two thousand odd tons of metals (gold, silver and tin).

Her total crew consisted of 33 hands all told, including the master, besides which there were four children passengers.

On the 26th of August last, at noon, she was 35 miles off Huamblin Island bearing East the course was set to pass not less than 15 miles off Cape Raper.

That overcast and rainy weather prevailed during the night, and, owing to the intense darkness, it was materially impossible to see any distance ahead, and at 1.50 a.m. on the 27th of August last, the vessel stranded, the exact position being latitude 46° 30', and longitude 75° 26', between Pringle Point to the South and Steward Bay to the North.

Due to the strong currents in the area; after the stranding and total loss of the vessel and whilst engaged in landing the passengers and crew, two of the children passengers were unfortunately drowned, owing to the life-boat capsizing.

The cargo was also lost.

Laurel Branch

The Laurel Branch

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