Regulations in Indonesia


Shipwreck research and salvage in Indonesia

The Indonesian government considers "historical" a shipwreck of more than 50 years. Therefore, one has to follow specific rules in order to do survey and salvage for these wrecks.

As many as 13 government departments are involved in the National Committee, led by the Department of Sea and Fisheries which decides to give survey, then salvage permits to an authorized local company. Only a few exist and new company creation are closed until further notice. The present legislation gives 50% of the net auction of the salvage artifacts.

According to these new regulations, auctions of artifacts must be done within the country and under the sole authority of the Government auction house. A full regulation notice is available at the Department of Sea and Fisheries, in Jakarta.

... But there is a moratorium on new authorizations that last for the past 6 years now (2016), and no one can work on an "official" basis !!!

This situation mostly allows pillaging from local fishermen who sell their recovered artefacts on the black market



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