2 sunken canal boats from mid-1800s in Lake Ontario

By Sarah Moses - Syracuse


A team of shipwreck enthusiasts who have made several discoveries of sunken schooners, steamers and even an airplane in Lake Ontario have discovered two canal boats on the bottom of the lake.

"They aren't suppose to be there," said Jim Kennard, a member of the team. "What is a canal boat doing out there ?"

Kennard said the two canal boats, which may date back to the mid-1800s, could have been used on the Oswego Canal, but were not built to be used on Lake Ontario.

Kennard, Roger Pawlowski, and Roland Stevens, all from the Rochester area, have announced several of their discoveries over the past few years but they typically wait to make a discovery public until they know exactly what they've found.

"We like to put a name to these boats first, but we haven't been able to identify them," Kennard said.

The boats were discovered off of the shores of Oswego. Locating canal boats in Lake Ontario is an unusual event as these craft were not built for transportation on the open lake and therefore Kennard wanted to make sure that these were canal boats.

Divers and an underwater remote operated vehicle were able to confirm that they were canal boats this summer.




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