DND to check shipwrecks for ammunition

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The Department of National Defence is planning to look for ammunition on two Second World War shipwrecks in eastern Newfoundland.

The S.S. Saganaga and the S.S. P.L.M. 27 were torpedoed by German U-boats and sank in Conception Bay, off Bell Island, in 1942.

DND wants to check the wrecks for unexploded shells or other ammunitions.

Rick Stanley, who guides visiting divers in the area, said he’s already given federal officials some idea about what they’ll probably find.

"There are some bullets left on, 303 bullets, and some projectiles. Just the projectiles, not in the casings. I guess they want to clean those up," said Stanley, who runs the Ocean Quest Dive Centre in Conception Bay South.

Stanley said his motto is “take pictures and leave bubbles,” but he’s pleased the government is checking out any possible dangers.

"There are other divers who have been diving the wrecks and bits and pieces have gone missing and [federal officials] don't want anything to get into the wrong hands or anyone to get hurt," said Stanley.

DND is planning to survey the wrecks during the summer of 2012.

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