Discoverer of Queen Anne's Revenge disagrees with upcoming excavation

Captain Daniel with one of the QAR's cannons

By Dustin Etheridge - WECT

The Queen Anne's Revenge is considered by many to be one of the most well preserved and historic shipwrecks of the modern era.

Last week it was announced that the main anchor of that ship would be excavated.  One man who doesn't agree with that is the Queen Anne's Revenge discoverer, Captain Mike Daniel.

"We all need to look at this and 'go wait a minute.' Everyone needs to be aware of what's about to happen here," said Daniel. "When this anchor is removed, we're tearing it out of a concretion."

Concretions are vital to the preservation of the ship.  They cover the exterior and loose artifacts, making them part of a natural reef.

Captain Daniel believes archaeologists are more concerned with the ship's artifacts than with preserving the ship itself.

"Archaeology is a destructive science. What it does is it dismantles a historic site, gathering information from that site as they destroy it," explained Daniel. "We don't have to do that right now.

The type of artifacts they're hoping to find under this anchor in general are more of the same: cannon balls, cannons.  There's no reason to think that there's something underneath there that is unique."

Daniel surrendered his rights to the ship for what he assumed was the greater good.

"When we discovered the ship wreck I was instrumental in talking my partners with Intersal Incorporated into giving our shares to the people of North Carolina. A concession we were given was we would have input on what would happen to the ship wreck," said Daniel.

"Unfortunately that is not taking place. This whole thing with the anchor I hadn't even heard about it until it hit the press."

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