Sunken treasure hunt yields fabulous baubles off Dominican coast

From Dominican Today

The expedition headed by the renown treasure hunter Burt Webber to recover artifacts from the sunken Spanish ship "Solo Dios Gloria" has after almost one month begun to coax fine gold baubles and detailed silver items off the Atlantic Ocean floor, as the Hispaniola Venture salvage boat struggles to remain anchored in the season swells.

He said the name of the sunken ship was determined from its bronze bell dated 1694, which he previously recovered, and noted that his joint venture partner in the salvage operation is Marine Explorations, Inc.

In the emailed statement, Webber details the latest find of artifacts recovered from the bottom of a not-always calm ocean just north of the Dominican Republic, whose swells, “come rolling continuously over the site.”

“Hello Jorge........Writing to tell you that I appreciate the follow up story you did on our activities along with correcting the inaccuracies.

As I write this E-mail, we're anchored over the wreck site of the "Solo Dios Gloria" off of Laguna Grande where we have now put in 26 days of intensive survey and excavation.


Dominican Republic treasure hunter

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