Six bronze idols discovered underwater in Velankanni

Bronze idolds found

From The Hindu

Six bronze idols were found under water here in Kaduvayar in Mahadanam panchayat in Velankanni on Friday.

The idols along with two boxes made of iron were found underwater in Kalasambadi village by two inland fisherwomen on Friday evening.

The two women, were fishing, when they hit upon the box consisting of two idols of Lakshmi of 1.5 ft height each; one idol of Vilakku Nachiyar of 3.5 ft height, and one idol each of Saraswathi, Vinayagar, and Chadrashekar, of varying heights of 1.5 feet to 2 feet.

Alongside the idols, two boxes made of iron were also found. However, the purpose of the boxes was yet to be gauged.

The undated idols were handed over to the Tahsildar of Nagapattinam.



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