Can treasures be found under water ?

By Jag Chandakar - UK News Reporter

Even in this era when long lost pirates’ bounty chests seem to be possible only in the movies and books, people still believe in the existence of treasures.

There are still those who spend time, effort, and money just to locate and excavate buried crates and chests of precious jewels and gold.

There are also those who dive under water and explore sunken ships and find out about the valuables that these carried to the depths. Both diving and surface treasure hunters truly require equipment to achieve their goals.

Besides the maps, they need metal detectors particularly if the objects they are searching are buried deeply underground.

Diving treasure hunters may be that unfortunate enough not being able to find treasures on the seafloor.

After a period of time it is only natural for sunken ships to be buried in mud or muck.

Of course, without using metal detectors, divers may only be wasting valuable oxygen in their tanks.

Not only will their quest be unproductive; they also spend for their diving gear without profit from a treasure find. This is why it is necessary for them to equip themselves with a metal detector.

However, not all such detectors have the capability of functioning underwater. In fact, majority of these are only meant for land use. If the ones meant for land detecting are used underwater, these battery-operated devices might short-circuit, making these permanently damaged and not anymore useful.

Divers who like to look for treasures underwater and on the seafloor may need to use a special type of metal detector that is particularly designed for this use. You can find such types of detectors sold out there in the market.

Besides the detector itself, divers can also avail of specific accessories that can make any treasure hunting activity underwater more productive.

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