Sea Search Armada seeks rights to 1708 shipwreck and coins worth $17 billion

Jack Harbeston

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Sea Search Armada, a US-based salvage company, claims the Republic of Colombia owes it $4 billion to $17 billion for breaching a contract granting it the right to salvage the galleon San Jose, sunk by the British Navy on June 8, 1708.

The Spanish galleon San Jose was trying to outrun a fleet of British warships off Colombia on June 8, 1708, when a mysterious explosion sent it to the bottom of the sea with gold, silver and emeralds owned by private Peruvian and European merchants, and lies about 700 feet below the water’s surface, a few miles from the historic Caribbean port of Cartagena, on the edge of the Continental Shelf.

Jack Harbeston, managing director of the Cayman Islands-registered commercial salvage company Sea Search Armada, who has taken on seven Colombian administrations during two decades in a legal fight to claim half the sunken hulk’s riches.

“If I had known it was going to take this long, I wouldn’t have gotten involved in the first place,” said Harbeston, 75, who lives in Bellevue, Wash.

The 41-page federal lawsuit outlines a long, tortuous jpurney through the Colombian courts after the Glocca Morra Co. identified six shipwreck locations, between 1980 and 1985, operating with permission of Colombia’s Direccion General Maritima.

Harbeston claims he and a group of 100 U.S. investors – among them the late actor Michael Landon and the late convicted Nixon White House adviser John Ehrlichman – invested more than $12 million since a deal was signed with Colombia in 1979 giving Sea Search exclusive rights to search for the San Jose and 50 percent of whatever they find.


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  • Isidoro Rodriguez
    • 1. Isidoro Rodriguez On 11/07/2011
    Press Release: Sea Search Armada v. Republic of Colombia, and Intervenor Isidoro Rodriguez v. Sea Search Armada, D.C. 10-cv-02083 (JEB)

    The above intervener action was filed on April 15, 2011, to protect and enforce a Virginia Attorney's Lien on Sea Search Armada’s claim to treasure troves valued at $17 Billion sunk off the coast of the Republic of Colombia.

    Related to the above, Irene Rodriguez and Isidoro Rodriguez v. Douglas Shulman and Sea Search Armada et al, Dist. Ct. DC #11-cv-01183(JEB)(June 28, 2011), was filed against an interstate criminal enterprise motivated by financial interest, cronyism, and/or animosity to the independence of Plaintiffs as attorneys by the oligarch of Sea Search Armada et al., their Beltway Lobbyists/Attorneys, government employees/attorneys and federal/Virginia judges’ willful acts outside the scope of their respective minister-ial/judicial authority and jurisdiction by oppression under color of law.

    In summary, the oligarch’s interstate criminal conspiracy began in 2003 to punish Irene and Isidoro Rodriguez in retaliation for: (1) litigating on behalf of nonresident US/Colombian citizens (e.g., Martinez v. Lamagno and DEA, 515 U.S. 417 (1995); (2) litigating to protect a Virginia Attorney’s property rights; and, (3) petitioning Congress to investigate DOJ attorneys and judges’ obstruction of a father’s rights under Treaty, 18 U.S.C. § 1204, and a Joint Custody Agreement (see In 2006 the conspiracy was compound-ed to deprive Irene and Isidoro Rodriguez of their right to self-employment by willful acts of treason and misprision of the felony of treason in violation of Art. IV § 4 of the U.S. Const., the Void Order Doctrine, Internal Revenue Code, the Racketeering Influenced and Corruption Organization Act (“R.I.C.O.”), Bivens v. Six Unknown Agents of Fed. Bureau of Narcotics, 403 U.S. 388 (1971), and rule of law of separation of power under our constitutional system (see, and

    Therefore this Press Release is a public service to seek triggering an investigation of the oligarch in Washington, D.C., depriving a Virginia Attorney of property rights, by the promulgation of unconstitutional court rules in violation of the limitation/prohibition of the Virginia Constitution.

    Isidoro Rodriguez
    Member the Ct. of App for the Fed. Cir.

    Dra. Irene Rodriguez
    Attorney admitted in Rep. of Colombia

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