Salvagers get rights to recover historic shipwrecks

By Bobby Pritchett

Anchor Research & Salvage, S.R.L. (ARS) has entered into an agreement with the Dominican Republic Oficina Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural Subacuático.

The contract gives ARS the exclusive rights to explore and archaeologically recover historic shipwrecks along an undisclosed stretch of the Caribbean Sea on the island nation's South coast.

According to government officials, this is the first time that such a contract has been granted for the area.

Robert Pritchett, president of ARS, says his company will be working under the direction of the Oficina Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural Subacuático. And professional Marine Archaeologist Dr.Lubos Kordac and Dr E. Lee Spence both have wrote books on the islands shipwrecks

ARS will be using state-of-the-art remote sensing equipment to survey the contract area, and a specially designed Geographical Information System (GIS) will be used to map discoveries. All of ARS' survey, archaeological, and GIS data will be shared with the government.

Under a preliminary agreement, ARS has already located a number of shipwrecks threw research & exploration of the lease area,

For Pritchett and the management of ARS this is a lifestyle, not a job. The members of ARS have dedicated their lives to archaeologically sensitive exploration rescue and preservation of historical shipwrecks.

ARS' discoveries and other developments will be posted on the company's website at

Pritchett has been personally funding this project, but now expects to raise additional working capital.

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