Lee Spence

  • 19th-century steamer found could be filled with gold


    By Effie Orfanides - Examiner

    A shipwreck could possibly have gold concealed under the sea. On June 5, NBC News reported that U.S. explorers found the wreck of a smuggling ship off the coast of South Carolina over the weekend.

    Many believe that the ship carried gold and that the gold could be lying at the bottom of the ocean as you read.

    "We have positively identified the vessel through the engine type, length, width, type of decking and other construction features, as well as its location, which matches perfectly with historical accounts," Dr. E. Lee Spence told Discovery News (via NBC News).

    The shipwreck could turn up gold because the ship was known for "extensive gun and money smuggling to Haiti."

    In the 1890's the ship sank after running into sandbars near Cape Romain.

    The ship was soon forgotten and not discovered until the late 70's. Even then the vessel was not identified and no one thought much of it.

    Now, however, researchers believe the identity of the boat is the SS Ozama and many are curious to see what is lying around the wreckage.

    "Whatever is still there, we have good reason to believe at least some of it will be intact, as I have already brought up some unbroken china," Spence said.

    If the shipwreck turns up any gold it may have to be turned in to the U.S. government. Even still this is an amazing find and Spence hopes to figure out the best way of diving in so to speak.