August is the time to buy Odyssey Marine Exploration

From Seeking Alpha

Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. (OMEX) is engaged in the archaeologically-sensitive exploration and recovery of deep water shipwrecks that contain treasure throughout the world.  

Odyssey’s May 2007 recovery of the estimated $500M Black Swan treasure and subsequent legal dispute with Spain has made headlines worldwide.

Odyssey utilizes innovative methods and state-of-the-art sonar technology to conduct extensive deep ocean search and recovery operations on high value shipwreck targets.

Sea exploration has dramatically changed due to state-of-the-art technologies that enable the search, discovery and recovery of shipwrecks that were previously beyond reach.

Odyssey is transforming activities long associated with "pirates and treasure hunters", into a serious and legitimate commercial industry founded on strong business practices, a commitment to the environment and high archaeological standards.

There are well over 1,000 high-value shipwreck targets ($50 million - $2+ billion).



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