Saga of Soviet sub ending

By Daniel Barbarisi

When the bow of the sunken Soviet submarine Juliett 484 broke the surface of the Providence River on July 24, both the military divers and the sub’s caretakers rejoiced. 

The work of raising the submarine, however, was not finished. Since then, divers raised the stern of the submarine, and spent a few weeks securing the 43-year-old submarine so that it could be safely towed. 

“They’ve taken [time] to fabricate a set of steel flotation pontoons, which make it a lot easier and safer to tow,” said Frank Lennon, president of the Russian Sub Museum. “Think of it like training wheels on a bike.”

Where it will be towed, however, is not yet clear. Lennon said it is still not certain what will become of the sub, which has deteriorated badly after so much time flooded at the bottom of the harbor.

It could be restored if money is found, or it could end up as a sunken reef somewhere, or as scrap metal.

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