Hurricane Ike reveals mystery Civil War ship

Wreck on the beach

From Orange Beach Community

The last time this mystery ship was visible was after Hurricane Ivan hit the Alabama Gulf Coast on September 16, 2004.

At that time a much smaller portion of the ship was visible above the sand.

Soon after Ivan revealed this historic treasure, the shifting sand covered the relic again.

Hurricane Ike's waves, this past week, pounded the beaches of the northern Gulf Coast and once again the mystery ship was revealed.

This time however, much more of the ship was uncovered.

This is the most visible the ship has ever been. The roughly 150-foot long, 30-foot wide wooden ship appears to have been powered by steam.

One of the artifacts within the perimeter of the ship's hull appears to be an old water pump.

A long pipe runs down the center of the ship, with smaller pipes found near by. While no one knows for sure what ship this is, historians speculate that the ship was a blockade-runner from the civil war.

The Mystery Ship, as it has come to be called, is located at the 6 mile marker on Fort Morgan Road.

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  • Ralph Patrone
    • 1. Ralph Patrone On 28/09/2008
    The ship could be anything. It seems small to be a blockade runner. As with any instance where a storm, a fire, ot some other weather event uncovers evidemce of history, the mystery itself is newsworthy. Makes me tingle
  • Chuck Mushett
    • 2. Chuck Mushett On 27/11/2008
    Don't waste your time going to view the "wreckage." It has been intentionally buried in sand.

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