Deep site mystery


From Austrian Times


Deep sea divers are about to solve the out-of-this-world riddle of how an object just like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars got to the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Amazing sonar images taken by Swiss treasure hunters appeared to show Han Solo’s spaceship the Millennium Falcon resting on the ocean floor.

Now the explorers - who had originally been looking for booze on a merchant ship sunk in World War I - and their ship the Ancylus say they could be just hours from revealing the truth.

Initial checks have revealed no hazards to divers, who are expected to start their first attempt to reach the object nearly 300ft below the surface at a secret location between Sweden and Finland.

"We are all convinced that what we are looking at is something unique. There is definitely something really unusual on the bottom of the sea here – a real mystery," said a spokesman for the Ocean X search team.

Research head Peter Lindburg added: " I have never seen anything like it."




Baltic sea treasure hunter

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