Blue and the underwater treasures hunt

By Enkayaar - Bollywood Trade News Network

Though it has been a subject that keeps on being visited on a regular basis by Hollywood, i.e. going for a treasure hunt inside the water, now for the first time (in Bollywood) a treasure hunt film BLUE with the under waters as the background is going to hit the silver screen in a short time from now.

The name in itself is an enigma as Blue is one of the colors whose interpretations keep on getting manifested over the years.

May be, the treasure hunt in water has not been a subject with the Indian film making fraternity owing to the fact that there are hardly any historical references about a ship laden with goods drowning off the Indian coasts.

As a matter of fact the ships used to start from the Indian coasts laden with the booty and were either pirated, or drowned in the Pacific Ocean towards their final destination to different European countries, and this is one of the reasons why Hollywood keeps on revisiting these topics, as they have got abundant source material to back upon.

The success of The Pirates of Caribbean is a monumental testimony to the interest that films of this genre continue to evince, among the aficionados around the world.

No wonder Blue is also situated in the Pacific Island and not in any country of the Indian Ocean.

Pacific ocean treasure hunter

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