Funding boost helps protect HMVS Cerberus


From Powerboat World

Heritage Minister Peter Garrett said the National Trust of Victoria would use $500,000 in Federal funding as a first step towards stabilising the HMVS Cerberus shipwreck. 

The Minister announced the funding during a visit to the wreck, which sits as a breakwater a few hundred metres off the beach at Melbourne’s Half Moon Bay, Black Rock. 

“Purpose-built in 1868 for the Victorian Colonial Navy, the HMVS Cerberus is a unique part of our naval heritage. It was included in the National Heritage List in December 2005,” Mr Garrett said. 

“Named after the three-headed mythological guard dog, the Cerberus was Victoria’s and then Australia’s most powerful warship. Her heavy iron structure was the prototype for 19th century steam-powered battleships. 

“After protecting Victoria from potential attacks for over 50 years, in 1924 she was declared surplus by the Navy and sold to a salvage company. The hulk was purchased for 150 pounds by the Sandringham Council, and scuttled at Half Moon Bay.


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