Rich people can tour the Titanic now

The Titanic

By Christian Gollayan - New York Post

If James Cameron’s 1997 movie wasn’t enough to satisfy your Titanic appetite, you’re in luck.

Blue Marble Private, a London-based luxury tour operator, will begin diving excursions of the shipwreck in May 2018.

“Far fewer people have visited the wreck of the Titanic than the number who have been to space or summited Mount Everest,” Elizabeth Ellis, Blue Marvel Private founder, wrote in a press release.

A first-class ticket to the original Titanic was $4,350, and eager tourists will now have to pay the same price, albeit adjusted for inflation, of around $105,000 to experience the famous shipwreck in the North Atlantic Ocean.

The hefty price tag includes a helicopter ride from Newfoundland, Canada to a private yacht, and a submarine ride to the Titanic. So far, nine clients are confirmed for the pricey journey.








Titanic shipwreck

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