Wreck search is narrowed down

A graphic of the NR-1 in action on the seabed

By Alan Brook

American scientists searching for the wreck of an 18th century warship say they have found four possible sites.

The team from the Ocean Technology Foundation in Connecticut are being helped in their search for the Bonhomme Richard which sank somewhere off Flamborough head in 1779, by the US Navy who are using a unique 150ft long nuclear powered submarine to scour the sea bed.

It is their third expedition to find the remains of the vessel captained by John Paul Jones who is credited as being the father of the American Navy.

Melissa Ryan, project manager for the team who have been on board the sub's mother ship at a location several miles off Flamborough Head for almost two weeks, said: "Much like our last survey in 2006, we have discovered four shipwrecks which we think could potentially be the Bonhomme Richard.

warship Bonhomme Richard frigate

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