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  • Maritime museum opens new Blackbeard exhibit

    Blackbeard Illustration 
    Illustration Art by Don Maitz

    From Beach Carolina

    As Hollywood pirates reign on the big screen, Blackbeard rules in a big, new exhibit at the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort.

    In 1718, the notorious pirate ran his flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge (QAR), aground in Beaufort Inlet, roughly two miles from where the Museum stands today.

    On Saturday, June 11, the Museum opened “Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge” – the largest exhibit to date of artifacts from the shipwreck.

    “The exhibit includes around 300 artifacts, most of them never before seen on display,” said North Carolina Maritime Museums Nautical Archaeologist David Moore. “We’ve endeavored to tell the story of Blackbeard, along with his associates, adversaries and ships, and the archaeological efforts at the shipwreck site.”

    Newly released artifacts, as well as old favorites such as weaponry, will be mixed with interactive computer features, quizzes, props and a look into what the future holds for the shipwreck site.

    The Museum offered a full range of buccaneer-based events leading up to the grand opening.

    Museum members got a sneak-peak at the exhibit during Members Only Preview Days, June 8 – 10.

    On the eve of the grand opening, the Museum celebrated pirate-style with ”An Evening of Merriment.” The seaside soiree included music, exhibit tours, dinner and a rum-tasting !

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